Fall in Love with the Right Home

You’re ready to fall in love with your first home. You want more living space, a place to do your art and crafts, enough bedrooms to expand your family or accommodate relatives and friends, a separate master suite, and an entertaining area that will impress. All in the best neighborhood, of course!

Welcome to the first lesson of home-buying – the perfect home doesn’t exist, but if you’ll choose three essentials to begin your search, the Christy Needles Team can show you homes that best match your needs.

Price range – Your lender will pre-qualify you and tell you how much you can afford and how much that will translate to in monthly payments.

Neighborhood preference – Choose neighborhoods based on a radius of where you want to be, whether it’s in a certain school district, close to work, or near family and friends. Resale is always important to consider also as the average person stays in their home for 7-10 years max.

Bedroom and bath requirements – Start with three bedrooms and two baths, typical for a starter home.

By sticking to basics, you’ll find you have plenty of choices. You’ll narrow your selection more quickly if you’re not distracted by showy features, and ultimately, you’ll be much more satisfied with your new home.

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